10 Best WhatsApp Spy Apps & Tools: Reliable & Safe

WhatsApp is currently the most popular messaging app globally, with some 2 billion active monthly users. It provides all the features you could ever need to stay in touch with people that are important to you. In an instant, you can call, text or video chat anyone on the platform, no matter where they are.

However, with its massive base of active users and ease of use, you can find all sorts of people on the platform, including the fringe. WhatsApp is also a hotbed for pedophiles, perverts, cybercriminals, and people with questionable characters.

Chances are your loved ones will cross paths with these threat actors now and then, but this is something you can help them deal with. Fortunately, learning how to spy on someone’s WhatsApp gives you a firm handle on things, equipping you to squash unhealthy or unethical activities that could pose a risk to you and the things you hold dear.

In this guide, we’ll let you in on the 10 spy apps with solid features for tracking your loved ones on WhatsApp. 


eyeZy App

eyeZy is a powerful spy app that shows you all you want to know about your target’s WhatsApp activities. eyeZy ticks all the boxes of an excellent WhatsApp spy app – swift installation options, stealth operations, a seamless user interface, and live, comprehensive activity updates. It does away with complex technical requirements like jailing and even provides multiple installation methods suited to different needs.

Once set up, eyeZy lets you spy on WhatsApp Messenger in real-time, from their contacts to recent chats, group activities, and profile updates. It also provides a very flexible user experience, supporting multiple options for tracking updates. You can check for updates using the mobile app or the web interface on any internet-powered device at your disposal. You can also have the updates sent to you via email.

Even more delightful, eyeZy has AI-enabled tracking features that combine information from their WhatsApp activities with other phone activities to give you a fuller picture of your target’s activities. This gives you more meat to flesh out your theories about their activities without verification.

You can also check out their phone calls, SMS, activities on a host of social media platforms, location data, connection data, and so much more.

eyeZy is also a pocket-friendly option. It lets you have all of these amazing features for just under $1 per day. 


mSpy App

mSpy comes with several features for monitoring WhatsApp, including a WhatsApp tracker, a keylogger, and remote screenshots. Each of these features gives you detailed reports showing everything you need to know about a specific activity.

You can use this WhatsApp spy to access all chats, contact lists, group messages, WhatsApp calls, shared multimedia files, etc., on the target phone. For every chat, you’ll get to see not just the content but time and date stamps and contact details of the sender/receiver. The call tracker also lets you see everyone they talk to on WhatsApp voice/video calls, providing details like the time and date stamp and the caller identity.

The remote screenshot also shows you everything. It gives you live visuals of everything happening on their screen. You’ll get to track conversations live as they unfold. With the keylogger report, you’ll get to see every message they post on WhatsApp, though you might need to use other tracking features to see incoming replies.

You just can’t run short of features for tracking your loved ones on WhatsApp. You can also access a multitude of tools to track other phone activities, including their calls, SMS, browsing history, and saved multimedia files.

Plus, there are powerful parental control features that give you control over what your kids do on WhatsApp. You can limit their time on the platform as well as the type of content and conversation they can keep. 



XNSPY provides several features for tracking WhatsApp on a straightforward user interface. From a simple drop-down menu, you can capture key details of your target’s WhatsApp activities at a glance, including their chats, contacts, shared files, groups, etc.

XNSPY lets you learn how to read WhatsApp messages from another device with a detail-oriented report showing time and date stamps and even the read status of messages. The app also captures deleted messages, so you can always stay ahead of your target even if they try to play smart by deleting important messages.

There are also features for taking remote screenshots and monitoring keylogs. All of this makes it even easier and more convenient to obtain any detail you want about your target’s WhatsApp activities.

Once a message is recorded on the target phone, XNSPY saves a copy of it on your user dashboard. Copies of their messages will be saved for future use on your dashboard for as long as you want and even long after they’ve been deleted from the target’s phone.

XNSPY also boasts a robust set of parental control features to help you keep your kids on a tight leash. You can determine what type of photos, videos, and audio files they can assess on the platform, as well as who they can talk to. 


TheSpyBubble App

SpyBubble is renowned for its stealth operations and comprehensive WhatsApp tracking features. You can keep tabs on every single move your target makes on WhatsApp, all while they remain totally unaware that you’re tracking them.

You’ll find their WhatsApp info neatly arranged on your user dashboard. SpyBubble also tracks deleted messages, so if they’re doing anything controversial, you’ll most likely get a complete lowdown even if they try to clean their tracks.

You can also go beyond WhatsApp and track your targets on every other social media platform, from Facebook to Instagram, Kik, Skype, TikTok, Viber, and Skype. Your coverage of these platforms will be as comprehensive as the WhatsApp coverage, with access to the last bit of detail about each activity.

Another standout feature is the wide compatibility. With SpyBubble, you can track your target’s WhatsApp no matter what device they’re using. You can track them on nearly any type of Android phone, iOS device, or laptop.

Also, you can get up and running with your spy campaign in a jiffy, no matter the type of device you’re tracking. The app has a straightforward installation process that doesn’t require rooting, jailbreaking, or any complex technical steps. 


FlexiSPY App

FlexiSPY also allows you to track your target’s WhatsApp on just about any device, from Android to iOS, Windows mobile and PC, and even older systems like BlackBerry and Symbian. You can enjoy comprehensive coverage of your target’s WhatsApp activities no matter their device using this official WhatsApp spy tool without verification.

What’s even more impressive about FlexiSPY is the range of advanced features like the call recorder, remote ambiance recorder, and remote camera activation. Not only will you get to see their WhatsApp call log in full detail, but you also get to listen in on full conversations. There are also remote control features that basically put you in charge of your target’s WhatsApp account. You can use SMS remote commands to block any suspicious contact or content on your kid’s device.

Altogether, FlexiSPY boasts scores of advanced features that put you firmly in the know of what your targets are up to on WhatsApp.

You can choose a convenient interval for receiving updates. You can get real-time notifications or check up on them daily or weekly, all from the comfort of your device.

Plus, with reliable technical support available round the clock, you’re sure to get any info you want on your target’s WhatsApp without any hiccups.


iSpyoo App

iSpyoo presents well-detailed, analysis-friendly reports of your target’s WhatsApp activities on a regular basis. You can access this report from any internet-enabled device via iSpyoo’s web app or mobile app. Regardless of the device you use, your target’s WhatsApp activity report is always just a couple of clicks away.

The report lets you get the gist of each type of activity from a glance. For instance, the call monitoring feature shows you their top 5 callers, so you can see exactly who they’ve been talking to for most of the time. The reports can show you real-time activities or activity history over a certain period. You’ll get to see not just their WhatsApp activities but a host of other phone activities, from calls to SMS, browsing history, and even location.

With stealth operations, analysis-ready reports, a seamless user interface, and reliable customer support, iSpyoo is ideal for parents, employees, partners, and anyone who has a legitimate need to track other people on WhatsApp. 

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Hoverwatch App

With over 40 different tracking features available via a neat user interface, the Hoverwatch WhatsApp conversation spy hack tool that’s ideal for anyone who needs to track their loved ones on WhatsApp. You’ll get updates either in real-time or at your desired interval without fail.

If you want to be alert to any suspicious activities, you don’t have to babysit your target. You can choose to get updates of only the suspicious activities. The keyword alert feature puts you on notice the moment any sensitive word pops up in their WhatsApp conversations.

There’s also the remote camera activation feature that gives you a visual confirmation of their activities. Turn on their camera the moment they say they’re going to meet with someone to see exactly what the meeting is all about. If it’s something that requires urgent intervention, the app’s location tracker can take you to their exact location.


ClevGuard App

ClevGuard not only lets you learn how to spy on the WhatsApp messages of others, but it also reveals over 10 different categories of WhatsApp data ranging from status updates to voice calls, group messages, and private chats. The automatic remote screenshot reveals even a lot more. Once activated, it takes constant photos of every screen they open on their WhatsApp, including their login screen, where you can capture their login credentials if you want.

ClevGuard also runs in stealth mode, providing updates of your target’s phone activities by the minute without leaving a shred of evidence on your target phone.

You can choose to view your target’s info online via the web or mobile app, or you can download them to your phone for offline viewing.

The app also claims to provide advanced features like call recording and ambient recording, but there’ve been complaints about these features failing to deploy. However, for an app that costs under $1 a day to monitor your kids, ClevGuard is a decent WhatsApp spy app to consider.


Qustodio App

Qustodio delivers big time on parental control features, but it’s also an ideal option for everyone. It has lots of features to help you keep your loved ones safe and protected from harmful content on WhatsApp.

It allows you to track various categories of WhatsApp data, including posts, private messages, status updates, and even search terms. With the remote control features, you can block certain contacts from reaching them and also prevent certain types of content from showing up on their WhatsApp.

Qustodio boasts wide compatibility, allowing you to deploy its wide range of monitoring and remote control functionalities regardless of the type of phone your target uses for WhatsApp, from Android phones to iOS devices and Windows PCs.

Other notable features of the app include the Extended Reporting, which draws info from different categories of activities to paint a unified picture of their activities, a GPS tracker, and a Panic Button that sends out a distress signal when pressed on the target phone.


Cocospy App

Cocospy lets you use the best free WhatsApp spy app without the target phone. With Cocospy, you can get free access to a few essential WhatsApp tracking features to track your targets remotely.

You can then opt for more advanced features once you get the hang of the basics. The advanced features let you track your target from left to right, front and center on WhatsApp, all without ever letting the target notice anything strange on their phone. Cocospy gives you a complete lowdown on their WhatsApp messages, even the deleted ones.

You can deploy a host of tracking features in stealth mode, including a call tracker, SMS tracker, location tracker, and even SIM card tracker. It’s also compatible with most Android and iOS devices. 

How to Spy on WhatsApp Messages Without a Target Phone? 

Now, handling your target’s phone physically now and then might not be the best option for you to keep track of them, and you’ll be better served by a solution that shows you how to spy on WhatsApp messages without the target phone.

The best method we’ll recommend is monitoring them on your PC using their QR code. It’s fast, free, and easy and gives you complete access to your target’s WhatsApp account. You will still be required to grab your target phone at least once for a few seconds, and you might risk losing progress and having to start all over again. You just have to be very discreet with this as there’s a fair chance you might get caught. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide for this method:

1. Load WhatsApp’s web app – https://web.whatsapp.com – on your PC’s browser.

2. Once it loads, a QR code will appear, leave the screen as it is and turn on the WhatsApp app on your target’s phone.

3. Open the menu on your mobile phone’s WhatsApp and go to ‘Settings → Menu.’

4. Click on the WhatsApp Web option. This will open the phone’s camera from the app.

5. Use the capture to capture the QR code on the web page.

6. Once that’s done successfully, your target’s WhatsApp account will automatically be synced with your PC’s web app, and you’ll get to access everything on their account via the synced web app.

Note, however, that you’ll lose the data synchronization once your target logs out of their WhatsApp account. The synchronized device will also show up in their settings, so there’s a good chance you might get found out. Also, in some cases, you will be notified about the synchronized device, so they won’t even have to go to their app settings to notice it. 

Final Thoughts

That’s all you need to know about how to spy on WhatsApp chat. You know what you can expect from the 10 best WhatsApp spy tools (phone number tracking, SMS tracking, location tracking, etc.). These apps reveal your target’s activities from the inside out, leaving no stone unturned.

We have an app on our list for every need, whether you want to create a safer space online for your kids, ensure your employees stay focused during the time on the clock, or pull the rug from under a cheating partner.