How to Hack Someone’s WhatsApp Without Their Phone for Free?

WhatsApp is a messaging app marketed as a platform that brings us closer to our loved ones. But it could do the exact opposite, tearing us apart. With over 300 million users hopping on the platform every day and some 2 billion at least once every month, WhatsApp is a place for all and sundry – including, unfortunately, threat actors, pedophiles, and cybercriminals.

Chances are your loved ones might cross paths with these miscreants, indulging in ungodly interactions on the platform. To ensure that these threat actors keep their hands off your loved ones, you need to stay in the loop of their WhatsApp activities.

In this guide, we’ll fill you in on many different ways of how to hack someone’s WhatsApp without their phone for free. This will include the best tools to hack someone’s WhatsApp account effortlessly.

If you’re balking at the cost and hassle of installing spyware, we’ve also lined up some free tricks you can try out.

eyeZy: Real WhatsApp Hacking Software 

eyeZy App

eyeZy stands out as a high-grade WhatsApp spy app with many excellent design features. For starters, most features are based on AI, and users have numerous tracking options at their disposal.

You’ll find features with unusual names like Keystroke Capture and Plan Breaker, but that is just not the only reason they’re unique and exclusive. They’re designed to produce results a little different than those of regular spy apps.

eyeZy’s features not only show the fine details of your target’s WhatsApp activities, but they also present them in a way that makes it easier to make sense of them. For instance, you’ll get to see all their chat history, complete with the time and date stamps and contact details of their chat partner. But you’ll also find their chat info combined with notepad entries, location history, and other crucial info to give you a full lowdown of their sphere of activities. 

eyeZy also comes with a sleek, lightweight design. It can track your target for weeks and months without ever giving them the slightest clue that something unusual is happening. If you need to monitor in the open (as required for employee monitoring in most places), simply turn off the Invisible Shield, and the app’s eye logo will always be there to remind your employees that eyeZy is watching.

Steps to Hack WhatsApp Without Access to Phone With eyeZy 

eyeZy Steps

Perhaps another high point of eyeZy’s design is the simple installation requirements. You can have everything set up in a breeze, regardless of your technical background. Here’s how to get your WhatsApp tracking campaign rolling easily with eyeZy:

Step 1. Get Your eyeZy Membership

Run eyeZy’s official site on your phone, hit the ‘Try Now’ button, and fill out your name and email on the next screen. You’ll then be asked to choose the type of device you want to track and then the plans for the device type you’ve selected. Choose the plan that best suits you, and then complete your payment.

Step 2. Follow the Friendly Installer

Once you complete the payment, a confirmation mail will be headed to your inbox. Along with it comes details of how to set up the app using the Friendly Installer. There are multiple installation options, and the Friendly Installer helps you choose and execute the most suitable option for you.

Step 3. Collect Your Target’s WhatsApp Data

Once the app locks into your target’s phone, just give it a minute or two to start syncing their WhatsApp data with your dashboard. Then scroll down to the Social Spotlight feature, and click on the ‘WhatsApp’ section. You can check up on real-time updates or periodic reports. 

eyeZy Alternatives to Hack Someone’s WhatsApp Account

There are a handful of other apps rivaling eyeZy, providing equally powerful ways of how to hack WhatsApp without the victim’s phone. Here are some of the real WhatsApp hacking software that gives eyeZy a good run for its money. 


mSpy App

mSpy is an evergreen spy app that’s constantly undergoing upgrades to maintain its pole position in the industry. It currently provides a battery of tools for tracking every move your target makes on WhatsApp. You’ll have multiple tracking options to get a fuller picture of your target’s WhatsApp activities.

mSpy lines up a WhatsApp tracker, a keylogger, remote screenshot feature, and parental control functions. Each one of these tracks specific aspects of WhatsApp activities. With the WhatsApp tracker, you can see everything from their private chats to group chats, contact lists, profile updates, WhatsApp voice and video calls, and shared multimedia files.

With the keylogger, you can collect their WhatsApp login credentials and use them to track their WhatsApp on your device. The keylogger also shows you the messages they type out, though you can get a better picture of their conversations with the WhatsApp tracker. 

The parental control features include a keyword alert, which puts you on notice immediately when certain words or phrases pop up in their chats. There’s also the remote lock and remote wipe features, which give you control over the type of content your targets can access on their WhatsApp.

Here’s a short video explaining how all these features work.

mSpy also provides excellent customer support. If you run into any difficulties, a care agent is always on standby to help you find your way around.


TheSpyBubble App

TheSpyBubble is a stealth, multipurpose WhatsApp spy app suitable for many kinds of users. It’s ideal for parents who need to keep an eye on their kids, employees who need to keep workers under a tight leash on the clock, or partners in a distrustful relationship.

TheSpyBubble puts you in the loop of your target’s incoming and outgoing WhatsApp messages, allowing you to see when they’re chatting with whom and for how long. You’ll see all the content of their messages, from texts to shared images, videos, and other multimedia files.

One of the app’s main selling points is the set of advanced features. You can record WhatsApp calls and listen to them later, take remote screenshots of their WhatsApp screen in real-time, and block access to harmful content remotely.

Besides learning how to hack someone’s WhatsApp Messenger online, you’ll also have a flurry of tools to track other phone activities. TheSpyBubble also provides a detailed report of your target’s activities on other popular social platforms, from Facebook to Instagram, TikTok, Kik, Viber, etc. You can also monitor your target’s real-time and past locations and read their SMS, emails, and browsing history.

Another selling point is stealth operations. TheSpyBubble stays under wraps on your target’s phone, and no matter what, it can never give off any sign that could give you away. Any visible sign from the app is camouflaged as a system file. For instance, the app’s visible files will be named with a ‘system application’ prefix.


Spyic is a highly acclaimed spy app rated the best by reputable sources like CNET. Its WhatsApp tracking capabilities are as good as or even superior to those of nearly every spy app out there. Spyic comes with a user-centric design that totally simplifies the process of tracking WhatsApp.

Unlike most WhatsApp conversation spy hack tools, Spyic doesn’t require rooting, jailbreaking, or any other complex technical requirements for installation. From start to finish, it only takes a couple of minutes to get Spyic up and to run.

Once inside, Spyic will begin tracking your target’s phone constantly like clockwork, making copies of every data recorded on the phone and updating them on your user dashboard. By saving copies of their WhatsApp data the instance they’re created, Spyic makes sure you see just about everything, including their deleted messages.

With Spyic, your target just can’t hide anything on their WhatsApp. You’ll be on to all their private chats, group chats, WhatsApp calls, shared multimedia files, etc.

It does all of this without leaving any footprints on your target’s phone. Taking up less than 2MB of space (that’s the average size of pictures), Spyic can remain active on the target’s phone for weeks and months on end without consuming any significant amount of phone resources, including memory space, battery life, or data allowance.

To make it even more convenient to learn how to hack a WhatsApp account without the victim’s phone, Spyic comes with a seamless web interface that allows you to check up on your target’s WhatsApp from any internet-powered device. 

How to Hack a WhatsApp Account Without a Victim’s Phone Using Chrome? 

Now, let’s turn to some free hacks you can use for hacking WhatsApp without access to their phone if spy apps don’t sit well with you. The first we’ll be recommending is the WhatsApp Web hacking method. The trick here is to synchronize your target’s WhatsApp account on your PC’s web WhatsApp.

Note, however, that if your target uses Android 7 and above or iOS 10 and above, they’ll be notified every time their account is opened on the WhatsApp Web.

Here are all the steps involved:

  1. Launch on your PC’s browser. A screen with a QR code will appear on the home page, leave the code on the screen, and then turn to your target’s device.
  2. Open your target’s WhatsApp, go to ‘Menu → Settings,’ tap the QR code icon next to the account name, and then select ‘Scan Code.’
  3. Hold the phone’s camera up to your laptop’s screen to scan the QR code. Tap Done to complete the scan.
  4. Put down your target phone and start monitoring their WhatsApp on your laptop. All their WhatsApp data will be automatically synced with your laptop, and you’ll get to see everything they do.

However, you’ll lose the synchronization if your target logs out of their account. And there’s no guarantee they won’t because they can find the WhatsApp Web icon on their WhatsApp settings indicating that someone else is accessing their account from another device. 

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Conversation Spy Hack Tool

Here’s another free method to hack into someone’s WhatsApp and read their messages. It’s based on a technique called Spoofing, where you can fool WhatsApp into believing it’s running on the target’s phone when it’s actually running on another device with the same phone number and MAC address. This method requires accessing the target phone briefly to access some important information.

Here’s how to hack others’ WhatsApp chats through MAC Spoofing:

  1. Uninstall WhatsApp Messenger from the target device.
  2. Grab the phone’s MAC address by opening ‘Settings → General → About → Wi-Fi Address.
  3. Install these WhatsApp hacking tools on your device: Busy Box and Terminal Emulator.
  4. Replace the Wi-Fi Mac address on your smartphone with the target device using the WhatsApp hacking tools above.
  5. Reinstall WhatsApp on your device using the phone number used for the target’s WhatsApp account. A verification code will be sent to the target device.
  6. Enter the code on your device, and that’s it. You’ll have your target’s WhatsApp account running simultaneously on their device and yours. From then on, everything they do on their WhatsApp will show up automatically on your own end. 

Final Thoughts 

WhatsApp is one of the most heavily-protected messaging apps out there today. But with our recommended methods, you can bypass the end-to-end encryption, two-factor authentication on logins, and every other layer of security on the platform.

We’ve shown you the best apps to hack WhatsApp messages whenever, wherever. Our recommended apps give you fine details of every category of phone data. You’ll get to read all incoming and outgoing messages, group messages, profile updates, video and voice calls, and lots more.

If you want to do without installing spyware, you can use the WhatsApp Web tracking option or MAC spoofing options, though they’re less effective and reliable compared to spy apps.