How to Clone WhatsApp With Mobile Apps? Top 5 User Choices

Communication has become the norm in today’s world, and instant messaging apps are stepping up the anté to allow people to exchange messages in milliseconds. One app leading the charge in this sector? WhatsApp. 

After some months in “Beta,” WhatsApp created its first official application in November 2009, breaking into the market and becoming one of the sought-after IM apps with relative ease. Despite its acquisition by Facebook in 2014, more people are joining the WhatsApp train to date. 

According to a recent report, WhatsApp ranked as the most engaged IM application worldwide, with 2 billion active users. With these figures, WhatsApp has slowly become a household name globally. 

Despite the efforts of WhatsApp to revolutionize the IM messaging market in its entirety with nifty additions, it’s pertinent to note that some people use the platform to execute sinister motives. Thus, if your ward, employee, or partner showcases some weird vibes, it might be time to clone their WhatsApp to know what’s wrong. 

Are you interested in knowing how to use someone’s WhatsApp on your mobile but don’t know how? This article is for you.

In the subsequent lines, we’ll take you through options with a reputation for cloning WhatsApp profiles without their actual owners having a clue.

How Reliable Are WhatsApp Clone Applications?

Before we certify whether WhatsApp clone applications are reliable, let’s get an insight into the umbrella concept – application cloning. 

Application cloning means taking a web page or stand-alone mobile app, copying its inner workings, and making another copy sharing similar attributes with the original. 

People can execute this activity in different ways. For example, someone can create a specific app and try to convince you to register. Once you do, the app starts to trawl data from your device without permission. 

The above analogy applies to WhatsApp clone apps. Albeit reliable, it’s vital to note that these applications are a tad different in the way they operate. 

How WhatsApp Clone Apps Work?

As we’ve mentioned, a WhatsApp clone application is a fake of the original WhatsApp app. When installed on the target’s device, and they use it to scan a “QR code” to access WhatsApp Web, you have instant access to the individual’s WhatsApp account.

When you get someone’s WhatsApp QR code, you can read their messages (sent and received) without them ever knowing. Now, you can become that virtual private investigator with relative ease.

To spy on someone’s WhatsApp account via a clone, you’ll need the following:

  • Your mobile device
  • An effective WhatsApp clone application (we’ll mention our top picks below)
  • Access to the target’s phone (for installation)
  • Steady Internet connection to get a hold of sent and receive messages

From the above explanation, it’s clear that spying on a person’s WhatsApp account through a clone isn’t only reliable but convenient. 

Without further ado, let’s look at the applications that deliver excellent WhatsApp cloning services.

Top 5 Clone Apps for WhatsApp

If you Google how to make a clone of WhatsApp, you’ll come across numerous alternatives. These options all claim to offer the best service. However, we advise that you don’t get misled by these phrases as they’re ploys to rid you of your funds. 

Since we want you to have a smooth sailing adventure from start to finish, we’ve navigated troubled waters for you to sieve out the best five WhatsApp clone apps.

Here are options that make our list:


eyeZy App

If you’re looking for a clone app that ticks every box when it comes to phone monitoring, eyeZy should be your plug. With 30+ features in its résumé, it’s no surprise that eyeZy is becoming the #1 medium for those interested in getting the WhatsApp conversations of their loved ones. 

Available on iOS and Android devices, eyeZy works in 100% stealth mode, leaving the target “none the wiser” about your WhatsApp monitoring activities. To ensure that you don’t enter a subscription plan for an incompatible device, eyeZy has a “Compatibility Checker” section at the homepage footer.

With eyeZy, you can access top-notch spying functions without breaking the bank. Fielding plans that cost less than $1 daily, access to eyeZy costs less than a cup of coffee.

eyeZy also ensures that trawled data doesn’t get into the wrong hands with bank-grade encryption. Security? Check! 


mspy whatsapp tracker

Thinking of how to clone WhatsApp without knowing? mSpy is the application that gets all your varying needs sorted quickly. Supporting over 180 countries, mSpy has a massive clientele of 1.5 million users. In a popularity contest, no clone app comes close to mSpy!

mSpy has 36 monitoring features up its sleeves. Using this application, spying on someone’s WhatsApp profile is easy. A cloning app that checks the right boxes? mSpy steps up to the plate. 

Unlike other clone apps, mSpy has an easy registration and installation process. If you’re finding it difficult to get the mSpy app working on a smartphone, there’s no need to fret as the operator provides 24/7 support. 

Monitoring those closest to you should never be capital intensive, and mSpy understands this. Therefore, mSpy has curated subscription plans that don’t bore a hole in your finances. 

Once you get started on mSpy, the clutter-free Control Panel grants you access to the target device’s data at regular intervals. Additionally, mSpy has a stealth mode, giving you the discreteness required during monitoring. 

DID YOU KNOW: mSpy, to showcase how its offerings work in real-time, has a demo segment you can access at any time. This add-on gets you up to speed with how your Control Panel will look upon subscription and installation on the target device. 


The Huffington Post tags TheSpyBubble as a jack of all spying trades, and to be honest; we can’t disagree with this phrase. Thus, if you’d like to monitor the WhatsApp account of your kid, partner, or employee without them raising an eyebrow, consider TheSpyBubble. 

TheSpyBubble App

Available on Android and iOS devices, TheSpyBubble doesn’t require a handbook to get started. However, if you encounter clogs during the installation process, it’s vital to note that the application offers “free online help” for related queries. 

Unlike some spy apps that offer fewer functions for more money, TheSpyBubble ensures that its plans appeal to all and sundry. This mantra is further buttressed on the platform as visitors should see time-specific discounts. 

Just think of TheSpyBubble as the clone app that aims to offer sophisticated functions at an affordable price.


Mobipast New

While MobiPast might seem like the new kid on the spy block, its 30+ monitoring features give it the imagery of an established platform. Touted as “Your Simple Spy,” MobiPast aims to proffer robust monitoring solutions without going above and beyond. 

Compatible with Android and iOS phones, MobiPast is easy to use. To get started on this revolutionary app, you have to create a subscription account, install the app on the target device, and commence spying. 

Simple as advertised? It certainly looks that way! 

With stellar reviews from users, MobiPast comes off as an encompassing spy app with browser, SMS, and call monitoring. Since the application has a Keylogger, you can see the target’s keystrokes on WhatsApp. Now, it’s possible to nip something negative in the bud before it goes haywire. 



If you’d like a platform with a broad range of monitoring services, add Pumpic to your bucket list. Specially designed for parents, Pumpic is bound to come in handy if you want to see what exchanges your kid is making on WhatsApp. 

What’s better? Pumpic is compatible with a decent array of operating systems. For example, you can use Pumpic to execute monitoring-related activities if the target uses a device running iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, and Chrome OS. Talk about a monitoring service that ticks diversity boxes!

Pumpic installation is simple, and you should complete this process within five minutes. Upon installation, the app works discreetly, allowing you to get details from the target device without alerting them.

To showcase how confident they are in their offerings, Pumpic has a “refund policy.” Thus, if the application doesn’t work as intended, making a complaint within 72 hours of purchase gets you a refund. 

NOTE: While many might not know this, WebWatcher acquired Pumpic in 2018. So, while Pumpic’s webpage remains inaccessible, head to the WebWatcher site to get a hold of the formers’ attributes. 

How to Duplicate on Another Phone With eyeZy?

Do you want to know how to duplicate WhatsApp on another phone? Chances are you’ll want to execute this act effectively and efficiently. While we’ve delivered detailed snippets on the top 5 WhatsApp clone applications, eyeZy ranks “first amongst equals” in our books. 

Available on Android and iOS, eyeZy fields a vast array of sophisticated monitoring features. Unlike most clone apps on the Internet, eyeZy makes things exciting with functionalities that adopt revamped naming schemes. 

Unlike previous notions, installing eyeZy isn’t a tell-tale of taking a hike on Mount Everest. With eyeZy’s “Friendly Installer,” you can install the app onto any smartphone, regardless of its complexity. The app also has 24/7 support to provide detailed solutions to your nagging issues. 

To ensure that you don’t get caught during WhatsApp cloning, eyeZy works in the shadows. Upon installation on the target’s smartphone, the application’s thumbnail becomes hidden. Now, you can monitor their personal WhatsApp messages without them knowing. 

With eyeZy, nothing’s impossible!


eyezy compatibility

As we’ve mentioned, eyeZy works on Android and iOS devices. However, if you’d like to know if the target cell phone is compatible or not, insert the device’s naming into the “Compatibility Checker” segment at the tail end of the site’s homepage.

Pricing Plans

eyeZy doesn’t create a hole in your finances as it fields the following plans:


NOTE: These subscription plans all have a pre-applied 30% discount. Currently, there’s no set timeframe as to its expiry.

Get the WhatsApp History of Others With the Social Spotlight Feature

social spotlight feature

Are you itching to know how to get the WhatsApp chat history of others legally without too much effort? eyeZy has you covered with its “Social Spotlight” feature.

eyeZy’s Social Spotlight grants you unfettered access to the IM messages of the target on popular apps such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. 

That’s not all: This functionality allows you to sift out users’ deleted messages and chats on these platforms. So, while they can try to cover their tracks, eyeZy exposes them with Social Spotlight. Talk about an encompassing app!

However, the tale doesn’t end there. eyeZy integrates a Screen Recorder that gives you access to someone’s real-time WhatsApp messages. So, if your employee is exchanging company secrets, you can get the situation under control by taking appropriate action immediately. 

They say there’s nothing new under the sun, and we’d have to say that eyeZy showcases this saying in its functions, especially the “Social Spotlight” feature.

Keystroke Capture Feature: Clone WhatsApp Without Them Knowing

keystroke feature

eyeZy is a clone application that keeps on giving, and that’s evident in its “Keystroke Capture” function.

Using eyeZy’s Keystroke Capture feature, you can see everything the target types on their keyboard. Stunning right? There’s more to come.

Keystroke Capture allows you to set keywords. If they use any during a conversation, you’ll receive an instant notification. An application that keeps you in the loop at all times? eyeZy fits the billing.

Guess what? It gets better.

Incorporating a state-of-the-art AI, eyeZy issues alerts when it suspects the target is typing something a tad suspicious. So, if your partner is in danger, eyeZy’s AI comes into play immediately. 

Although this might seem like a feature curated by the masters at Hogwarts, eyeZy makes it possible without a magical wand in sight! Little wonder we rank it as the best clone app for WhatsApp. 

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Clone WhatsApp to Another Phone: eyeZy Installation

To use eyeZy to clone a WhatsApp profile, you’ll need to install the application on the target device. However, this isn’t rocket science, and to show you how easy the process is, we’ve drafted these steps:

Step 1. Pick Your Membership

For starters, head to the official eyeZy site and click on the “TRY NOW” icon. To create an account, insert your email and tap the “CONTINUE” button below. 

Afterward, choose the OS you’d like to monitor. Once you’ve made a selection, purchase a subscription plan that tallies your finances. 

Step 2. Install eyeZy

After making a successful payment, you should receive a “Welcome Email” from eyeZy. Once you’ve logged in using your unique logins, physically access the target’s device and install eyeZy. 

Step 3. Dig Out Info

Upon installation, it’s time to commence spying on the target. Using your dedicated Control Panel, you’ll see tracked data sectioned to enable smooth retrieval 24/7. 

NOTE: Spying regulations vary by country. If you’re in the US, it’s important to note that while monitoring your wards might be legal; you’ll need permission to spy on those aged 18 and above.

Major Takeaway

With WhatsApp being one of the forerunners in the IM messaging sector, more people are making queries along the lines of – “how to use another person’s WhatsApp account on my phone.” Since people use WhatsApp to perpetrate fraudulent activities, monitoring the chats of those closest to you has become vital. 

Although there are many options on the Internet, we’ve sieved out the best 5 WhatsApp cloning applications to execute this activity with relative ease. Nonetheless, if we’re to recommend a medium, we’d advise using the eyeZy app for its comprehensiveness. 

Just before you set the ball rolling, take a peek at the spying rules in your region to avoid getting caught in legal debacles.